About Me

I'm just a southern girl who believes in three things...

1. Books. Books feed my soul.  This is one of the reasons I teach through novels.  The themes, life lessons, characters, and situations are something my students can relate to in a time in their life when a lot of situations can be confusing.  My favorite thing is to have a student say to me on the first day of school, "I hate to read!" I know it's an opportunity to find just the right book and create a life long reader. 

2. Creating and Maintaining a Positive Environment.  I LOVE my job and my students, and I want them to know that as soon as they walk through my door.  For the 60 minutes they are in my class, they are loved, supported, and encouraged to grow as not only a learner, but as a person.  We clap for each other; we sit at tables with our family (not groups); we tell each other "You CAN do this!"; and we celebrate our accomplishments. 

3. Dressing Up. You can never be overdressed or over educated.

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