Friday, December 16, 2016

Free Friday: Active Reader Bookmarks!

Do you have those students that want to stare out the window when you're reading??
A student that struggles with staying focused on what they are supposed to be reading??
A student that needs a reminder that they CAN stay on task?!

How I use them:
  • Before I start reading, I review with my students what being an active reader looks like. ----> {Eyes on the page, as I read a word out loud, they read it in their head, jotting when asked to jot}
  • While reading, if I notice a student looking out the window, at the ceiling, tracking the dust bunnies scurrying across my floor, I quietly hand them an Active Reader Bookmark.
  • If they receive a bookmark, it is expected they use it to follow along. I should see it moving down to page as we read. 

These cute bookmarks are an easy tool to remind students they CAN stay on task.  In addition, it sets the expectation that you expect everyone to be engaged in your classroom!

Get your free bookmark printable here!

Happy Teaching,

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