Monday, December 5, 2016

Motivational Monday: Growth Mindset

How many times have you heard some of the following statements from your students...

"I am just a bad test taker."
"I hate to read."
"I'm not good at that."
"I'm stupid."
"I'm a trouble maker."

The sad thing is these are stories our students tell themselves for whatever reason. They constantly have this negative self talk running through their head.  Since your mind responds to two things, the words you tell it and the pictures you make in your head, your students are going to live up to these statements. 

So what do we need to do as educators?  Change the words they tell themselves.  It's that simple. 

Step One: Have your students write down 3 of these negative statements they believe about themselves in pencil. A lot of times they will write down statements their parents have said to them. 

I am lazy.  

Step Two: Change the negative statement into a positive one.  Use only positive language.  Write this statement in pen.

I am lazy
I am a hard worker. 

Step Three: Erase the negative statement so all you are left with is the positive I am statement.   

I am a hard worker. 

Step Four: This is the most important step.  Students need to display this somewhere they will see it everyday.  I have mine put it on the front of their binder.  They need to say these I am statements out loud to themselves everyday! If you hear them say one of their old negative statements, make them say the positive one out loud to you.  It's ok if they don't believe it at first. With enough repetition, they will start!  I promise.  

Happy Teaching...

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