Friday, February 14, 2014

Novel Studies: Monitoring Comprehension

With the novel we are reading I allow time for group reading, whole class reading, partner reading, and individual reading.

You know how it tell the students to read to a certain page, you walk around to make sure everyone is on task, you do the associated activities, the bell rings, and you are left wondering who really understood. 

I wanted a quick way to tell what students got it and what students needed some additional help.  So, I came up with 6 quick formative assessments to monitor comprehension.

 With my students who struggle with reading, I do a lot of the I Remember and Determined Doodler to make sure they are understanding the basics of what we read.  The higher level students benefit from the Possible Predictions and Notable Quotes. 

I print off the sheets {you can get them here

and have them readily available for a ticket out the door.  With a quick glance I can tell who needs extra help.   It's a easy way to make sure students are not falling through the cracks.  

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