Thursday, January 26, 2017

Increase Energy and Excitement: Scavenger Hunts

Our students have been taking benchmarks all week and they needed to get up and MOVING.

Instead of them sitting down and showing them a super cool Prezi on sentence types, I sent them on a journey around the school to find the definitions.

They worked in groups of 4.

To begin with, I started each group out with a different clue, so they started in different locations.

At each location there was two envelopes: One that contained the next clue and one that had the definition.  (you could use multiple choice questions, math problems, challenge questions, etc!!)

To make it more exciting, I added a time element.

The group that completely finished the scavenger hunt in the fastest time won {a little bit of competition makes everything more exciting}

To control the potential craziness, I had each group carry an index card with them.  If they were caught running or yelling by any teacher, office staff, administration, etc that they would sign the card and 30 seconds for each signature would be added to their finishing time. 

Looking for some hints for clues...check mine out:

1. Paint brushes, markers, crayons, oh my! This is where you will go if you have a creative eye. (Art Room)

2. I don’t want to brag, but I really love this magical flag. ( I have a unicorn flag hanging outside my classroom..the clues and definition were under it)

3.  If you’re written up or sick, this is often times where you will sit.  (The lobby in front of the office)

4.  Items misplaced live here, but you may have to walk to somewhere 6th graders fear.  (The lost and found on our 8th grade hall)

5. Ms. K is a jack of all trades, math and LA, sometimes you will find her hiding far away. (a teacher's outside POD classroom)

6. If a cold beverage is what you request, here you can be refreshed.  (the drink machines)

7.  This is a place to catch up with friends, and also where you keep your book bag and pens.  (an empty locker..I put the locker number on the clue card)

8. Shiny objects rest in this display, if you don’t win one you might be dismayed. (the trophy case)

If you have any questions about how to run this activity, comment below or send me an email!

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