Sunday, January 1, 2017

Novel Project for ANY Novel

This year I really wanted to focus on students creating questions about and answers novels instead of me just giving them the questions.  I wanted them to WORK on creating a product they were truly proud of because of the amount of effort it took! In addition, I wanted a final product that demonstrated a true understanding of what they read and how it correlates to our standards.

How I Structured the Project:

1st: I selected a novel, Divergent, for the students to read at home and told the students what chapters they would have to read every night.

2nd:  The students would take meaningful notes about what they read while they were reading. They brought these notes to class everyday. 

3rd: During class, I was more of a facilitator of learning.  I would circle around the class, help with the development of questions, read questions and responses, give tops, and help them deepen their level of questioning.  To help with the question development process, I gave them a list of question stems that correlate with our Common Core Reading Literature Standards. 

4th: I did mini checks throughout the unit to make sure the students were on track and keeping up with their questions.   

To be honest, It was a hard adjustment for them at first! Developing questions is NOT an easy thing! As the unit went on, they got in the groove, and the questions and responses they came up with were amazing!  What better way to deepen understanding of our standards and increase the rigor of the classroom?!?

Let me know if you have any questions about how I implemented this unit! I would love to help!

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