Sunday, January 15, 2017

And the Cleanest Classroom Award Goes to....

Not me.  I was so mad and offended that I did not win the cleanest classroom award ONE time last year.

I mean, there are 36 weeks of school and only 28 homeroom classrooms eligible to win.

Odds are I should've been able to lock down at least one Golden Trashcan!

Week after week the announcement would be made and I would hear cheering from down the halls. I would slam my door and proudly announce to the class, "We will get this next week!  I have it in the bag!" 

Next week would come and go, and still no Golden Trashcan for Room 3.


I mean, take a look at this. How could I not win?!?  It must be some type of conspiracy against me...

 So, fast forward a year later...still no Golden Trashcan, but I've accepted it now.  My sometimes messy classroom is a reflection of the non stop fun and learning that takes place.  We are busy from the second they walk in to the second they leave.  I straighten up at the end of the day, but while the students are in there it looks like a bomb went off.  And I'm ok with that now.
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Happy Teaching,

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