Thursday, October 3, 2013

Classroom Management Middle School Style: #Planb

Do you ever have those classes that are just crazy?  Like, if left to their own devices, would run around the room, throwing paper, stabbing each other with pencils crazy?

I have and I do.

I'm awful with keeping up with paperwork so unless a student does something completely outrageous, I don't write them up.

What I've done...instituted something I call #planb

What I do...
1.  Write #Planb on the board

2.  When the class gets a little rowdy, I put a strike under #planb
3.  When they get three strikes, I tell them in my kindergarten teacher calm voice {this freaks them out more than anything} "put everything away, plan A is no longer an option.  Your actions let me know you would prefer Plan b today. 
4.  I pass out the Plan B sheets that are always readily available.  NOTE:  This must be something completely boring that you will grade and hold them accountable for.

I make it so awful and boring that I usually only have to give it one or two times. 

Happy Teaching,


  1. I love this idea! Would you mind sharing the super boring activity you have students do? I teach science and I considered having students read and annotate, a task they find extremely boring. My problem is that I don't want to make nonfiction reading a punishment.


    1. My #planb assignment typically deals with vocabulary. My students get new vocabulary words each week, and we learn the meanings through fun activities. I have a sheet for Planb that requires them to look up the words in the dictionary, write sentences with the words, write synonyms and antonyms, and draw images to go with each word.
      Hope this helps...

  2. Does plan b restart each day? Same for the positive reinforcement hashtag. Thanks!


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