Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun Friday: The 100 Wall

As a little {free!} reward for making a 100 (or level 4) on take home reading, quizzes, and tests, my students earn a star!

How it works...
1.  The student earns a star for every 100 they make.
2.  They take the star home and decorate it however they wish.
3.  Put the star on your classroom wall.

It's so easy and a great way to reward those students who do super work.  And I think it increases their motivation to put forth their best effort on assignments. 

Our goal is to make the stars go all the way around the room.  We can do it!
Bonus:  It makes a colorful display of awesomenessl!

You can download the star for free at my TpT store!  Just click here --> Get my free download!

Happy Teaching,

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