Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Project Based Learning: Schooled

If you have sat through any staff development then you have heard the latest buzz word in education...Project Based Learning.

It's an idea I love.  I envision students excitedly working on projects, totally into their book!

In the spirit of this latest trend in education, I have created a choices board to correlate with the amazing novel Schooled by Gordon Korman. 

Examples of Projects

The board contains 9 distinct projects grounded in multiple intelligence theory that students can choose from.  It is designed so that students will be required to work on it as we are reading the book. The entire project will be due at the end of our novel and will count as 75% of their assessment grade {the other 25% will be a written test}.

Hopefully all will go as planned {haha}...I will keep you updated. 

Reading Schooled? You can get this project here!!

Happy Teaching!

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