Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Joys of Grammar: Investigative Learning!

I am a big believer in investigative learning...even in the language arts classroom!

I take whatever opportunity I can to get students to come up with their own definitions. 

My first noun activity did just that!

The students were in groups of four and handed envelopes with various nouns.

They had to determine the part of speech of all the words {nouns}, split them into categories they came up with, then write a definition for noun {Since I included words like trust, faith, & Courage it was a little bit harder than person, place or thing...I encouraged them to write "fancy definitions"}

Shared all of our definitions and came up with a class definition.

I have found this type of investigative learning engages the students and helps them remember and understand important LA terms. 

And that is awesome!

I have this and four other noun activities bundled & available at my TPT store.  They are fun and sure to engage even your most reluctant learner.

Happy Teaching,

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