Thursday, August 29, 2013

Grouping Students

Today marks the fourth day of school and I already love my students.

However, they are super comfortable with me and each other.  The kind of comfortable that usually doesn't happen until November or December.

There was no honeymoon period with these students and they already needed a new seating assignment.  Since I do not know them really well yet, I decided to make the new seats random.

Before class started, I put a round sticker with a number {1-7 since I have 7 tables} on the bottom of every chair.

 The students came in and sat in their normal seats....oblivious to how I was going to shake up their world.

Once I reviewed the table numbers with them, I told them to look under their chairs for a new table number {game show style}.

They had one minute to move to their new seat...the whole thing took less than three minutes!! 


Happy Teaching,

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