Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Classroom Management Tip Middle School Style

On the first day, in about 12 minutes, there is always that one kid who blurts out, "Where's your clock?!?"

I, of course, look around all concerned like someone took it off the wall while I wasn't looking.  "Oh well.  I guess it's gone," I say in my most fake shocked voice and keep on teaching.

I rock it Las Vagas casino style...there is NO CLOCK in my classroom.  Gasp!

How do I know what time it is?  How long to spend on a mini lesson, etc?

My class lives and dies by my trusty little timer.

You'll hear me say, "You have one minute to clean up." And I set the timer.  Or, "Based on what you just read, you have 12 minutes to write the paragraph over from the best friend's perspective.  Go!"  And I set the timer.

I have the students trained that when the timer goes off, they are to be in their seat with their fist up in the air {our we're ready to for your instructions sign} and quiet.

I still get the groan of, "What time is it Mrs. Kepley?"   Gotta love those students.  "It's language arts time, buddy!"   

No clock = no kids staring at a clock counting down the minutes until the bell rings = Awesome!

Here is a great little timer like I have {I have linked it so you just have click the image!}


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