Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!

August 1st is my self imposed start date.  
After a brief visit to my mailbox ('s in a different spot!  Oh my!!   I have a new mail neighbor AND her name is Mrs. Kepley too!  Awesome!)
I flung open the door to Room 3 and saw this...

Notice the shiny floors...makes me happy

I think I was half expecting sunshine and rainbows to greet me.
They didn't.
The dust bunnies did.

The best things about my room this year....

1.  My amazing bookshelves!  

They line the back wall and will soon be filled with exciting young adult books!
Love it!

2.  After 8 years of teaching in various classrooms and learning cottages (AKA: single wide trailer out back), I have a large classroom with a wall of windows 
wait for it....
MATCHING BLUE CHAIRS! (Check them out in the first picture)
That's a huge deal in our poor rural school.  I had to do some major wheeling and dealing at the end of last year to make it happen.  I think it only cost me a Kit Kat and Diet Coke.

I'm ready to get started!  My new 7th graders will be here in just 19 short days!!
After pictures will arrive soon!

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