Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to Earn Extra Money as a Teacher

Looking for a way to pay off those student loans?  Make some extra spending money?  Gas money?  Put your amazing teaching skills to use and start tutoring after school and on the weekends!  
Now, of course, you can't tutor your own students (ethics and all that).  But there are always others who need a little extra help.  Here is your step by step guide to making that extra cash!

1.  Decide  what subject(s) you have the ability to tutor and how much you're going to charge.  I charge $25 an hour for one student.  Consider cutting deals for 2 or more students if they are working on the same subject.  

2.  Advertise!  Create an eye catching flyer and put it up at the public library.
Here is was created in pages.  

3.  Wait for the phone calls, texts, and emails to pour in. :)

4.  Once you have your student, talk to both the student and parent about their goals and why they need the extra help.

5.  Set a weekly meeting time and place.  I typically tutor at the's quiet and they have large tables where I can spread out all of my fun stuff.

6.  Each week come prepared with a plan and some activities.  This one on one time is perfect for creative hands on lessons.
After a quick warm up and review this is what we did at tutoring today!  Foldables are always super fun and cute!

Polka Dots are always fun!

7.At the end of each session have the student write a progress report for their parents stating what they did today and something new they learned.  I have found parents really love this documentation and it lets you know if your student mastered the goals for the day.

That's it!  
Extra money for you and a chance to get your creative teaching juices flowing! 

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