Friday, December 23, 2016

Classroom Management Middle School Style: Strategy You Can Use!

I think we can all agree that middle school is such a weird time in a child's life. 
We've been there.  We remember the cringe worth hair cuts, unfortunate outfits, break outs, thinking the whole world is judging you, and the never ending drama. 
Ugh!! How do our students go through all that and still learn? 

In order to ease the burden, I made a conscious decision that for the 60 minutes students are in my classroom, they would be surrounded by positivity, acceptance, and love {Isn't that what we all want anyway?} 
In turn, they would give me their best and be a motivated learner. 
And it works.

My main strategy is so simple...
I tell them they CAN do it, make them repeat they CAN do it, and then the class celebrate when they do it!

Why does this work?
  • The brain believes two things...the words we tell and the pictures we make in our head. 
  • I absolutely do not allow student's negative self belief and talk to enter my class.  
  • When they say, "I'm not a good test taker!
  • I make them say, out loud, "I am able to demonstrate my amazing amount of knowledge on paper!" 
  • When they say, "I hate reading!"
  • I make them say, "Reading is a challenge that I'm willing to work hard at!"
  • Sure, they roll their eyes.  A lot.  But there is also a tiny smile on their face after they say it because they know I believe in them.  You HAVE to be persistent and consistent, but they payoff is worth it!

Do this for 180 days and you will be surprised how much effort and motivation your students will put forth !

{you can even use this in your own life! Instead of, "I can't stand this next class!!" Say out loud, "I'm looking forward to the energy and the excitement of the next class!" Your words become your reality!}  

Looking for more motivation and classroom management ideas and resources?  Click here! 

Happy Teaching,

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