Monday, September 16, 2013

180 Days of Inspired Teaching: Plot Diagram Picture Book Project

My students just completed learning about the plot diagram through this fun activity.  I loved hearing the voices my students came up with for each of the characters!  All of my classes {ranging from inclusion to academically gifted} really enjoyed this lesson.

In order to see if they really had a grasp on the topic, to assess their ability to apply their new knowledge, & to tie in with this lesson, I decided to have them write their own picture book!

Picture Book Project

1.  Brainstorm genres as a class.
2.  Students write down their top 3 genres.
{This makes them feel as if they have some control over the project}
3.  Split the class into groups of 4.
{Perfect time for differentiation!!}
4.  Using a graphic organizer, students plan & organize their exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

5.  Meet with each group to discuss their ideas.
6.  Students story board their rough draft.
7.  They will peer edit the picture books.
8.  Using a template created in Word or Powerpoint, students take pictures of their illustrations, import, add text, & print. 
{This gives their book a more polished look}
9.  Print & Bind final book.
10. Plan a parent reception so they can view the amazing picture books created by your awesome students!  The public library is a great place to do this!

*The download is available here!

 Happy Teaching,

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