Saturday, October 5, 2013

Asking Great Questions

Two things I always struggle with in the classroom...
1.  Asking amazing questions
2. Calling on the same students all of the time!

1.  The question matrix! 

It's a fun way to get students asking their own higher order questions.  All you have to do is copy the board on card stock, cut out the little squares, put the students into groups, and have them draw out a card, write the question, and answer as a group!  I LOVE IT!!

2.  Group Discovery Journals!

At the end of class {or for homework}, each student has to write down a question they have about the lesson that day.
They bring the question in the next day.
The students work in their groups to write everyone's question down in their discovery journal and work together to find/determine the answer!  IT IS AMAZING!!  As cheesy as it is, it makes my heart happy to hear students talking about school and working together to find answers. 

3.  Playing Cards

All you need for this is 2 decks of cards.
If you are going to be asking to questions, hand each student a playing card as they come in the door.  As you ask a question, select the top card off your deck and that person has to answer your question!  It keeps everyone involved and on their toes during your lesson.  AWESOME!

Happy teaching,

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