Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Doing This One Thing Starts My Day Off Right...

No one likes walking into a classroom feeling unorganized, scattered, and unclear about what needs to get done.

Before I started implementing this tip, I would roll into class around 7:45ish (because early in not in my vocab) and spend 20-30 minutes spinning my wheels and wasting time because I was not intentional about what needed to get done.

Now that I've started using this tip, I walk in and know exactly what needs to get done without wasting time.

By doing this I have saved so much time because I'm clear on what needs to be done that I've been able to leave at around 4:00 EVERYDAY! For real!

So...what's the tip?

It's so simple: write your To Do list for the next day before you leave school in the afternoon. 

When you come in to class, you will be ready to roll! 

If you want your own pretty printable To Do List...Click HERE! 

Happy Teaching,

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