Wednesday, January 11, 2017

7 Days to an Organized Classroom

For the past 4 years that I have been in the regular classroom, I have only had to write up one student.

That means I have had 719 days without discipline issues.  That's 719 hours that I have spent teaching and effectively engaging my students.

I'm sure you're wondering why and how....

A lot of teachers are under the impression that because I don't write students up, that I must be a slack teacher that lets them get by with anything and everything.

This could not be further from the case. I believe that the foundations and systems I set up lead to an effective and organized classroom that allows me to teach and the students to learn without distractions.  Great can have this, too!

7 Day Outline

1. Procedures: Which ones I use, why they are important, how to figure out which ones to use in your classroom.

2. Bell Ringers: Examples of how I start my day. And 7 bell ringers you can start using TODAY!

3. Agendas: How to write a plan the students {and you} will follow!

4. Keep Students Engaged: A plan for keeping students engaged in the lesson you have planned, so they are not up roaming the classroom randomly.

5. Strategy for Collecting and Managing Papers: Because they will overtake your life if you let it!

6. How to Use Bathroom Passes in Middle School: How and WHY you need to do this. It's so strange how they NEED to go every 30 minutes in school, but can play xBox for 12.5 hours without a break! It's unexplainable!

7. Transitions: If you are not careful, these can eat up your entire class period, make you stressed, and the students crazy!

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