Sunday, January 8, 2017

Encouraging Students to Think on Their Own

We've all seen this meme and know the feeling!

For whatever reason there is a culture of what I call lazy listening and thinking.  Students have been conditioned to spoon fed directions and answers.

I wanted to come up with someway for my students to start thinking for themselves without me giving them what to do step-by-step.

Introducing....Pop Challenges! 

How it Works:  
1. Make your Pop Challenge Folders {you can get the download here}
2. Put a problem or activity sheet inside the folder that has all of the instructions the students need to solve or complete the activity.  
3. Tell them you will NOT answer any questions or help them in any way! This is hard for them at first, but they get used to it!! 
4. Watch them start to THINK and COLLABORATE on their own!!

Example from My Classroom:  
I had the students read, analyze, and create a Snap Chat story based on Browing's How Do I Love Thee poem

Happy Teaching,

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