Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My One Classroom Rule

Research shows that students follow the lead of the teacher.  If there are high expectations, and those expectations are communicated to the students on a regular basis, then those students show an increase in academic performance. It's that simple.

You believe they can do it, you tell them they can do it, and they do it.

The middle step is where teachers falter and drop the ball with communicating high expectations (myself included).

 We have to tell them over and over and over again they CAN do it and they WILL do it because nothing less than their best work will be accepted. Just saying it one time is not enough.

You have to remember, some of these students are coming to us after 8 years of being told (by a trusted adult or their own negative self talk) that they can't do anything, they are not smart, they are not good in school, they are not a a good test taker, etc.  We have to reverse that and get them to a place where they can believe in themselves.  And the key to doing that is high expectations.

That leads to my one and only rule: You WILL meet and exceed my HIGH expectations!

That's it.  Everything can be measured against that one rule.

Every time I give an assignment I say, "I expect up here kind of work!" (I hold my hand high above my head)

If they turn in something that I can tell was done on the bus in the morning while eating a Oreo Pop Tart, I call them out on it, and make them redo it at lunch for less points.  After they have to do this one time, you can guarantee it gets done right the first time. Who wants to eat lunch with their teacher (even if I am super cool)

Let me know if you have any questions about how I implement this expectation!

Happy Teaching,

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